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Documentation and tips for setting up Meal Tracker on your WordPress site.

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Import meals via CSV

The following feature is only available in the Premium version of the plugin.

Rather than manually add meals to your meal collection, Meal Tracker has a CSV import tool which allows you to bulk import meals.

Note: Depending on your server, you may need to split larger CSV files into smaller, more manageable sizes for performance reasons. As a guide, we'd recommend processing no more than 500 rows at a time.

CSV Format

A CSV file must adhere to the following rules:


Note: The headers "description", "proteins", "carbs", and "fats" are required however, the data for each row can be left blank if not required.

Note: If the import finds the above rules haven't been met, then the row will either be skipped or fail.

A simple CSV example

Apple Pie,Classic homemade apple pie,400,200,g
Pizza slice,Ham and Pineappe (crazy!),600,100,g

Importing a CSV file

Dry run mode

If selected, dry run mode will run basic tests against each row without attempting to update the database. We recommend you do this before performing an import as it gives the opportunity to correct any issues before attempting the main import.