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Documentation and tips for setting up Meal Tracker on your WordPress site.

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This is the most popular shortcode for the Meal Tracker plugin and renders the main component of the plugin. Using this tools, users are able to:

Shortcode arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
chart-height Specifies the height of the progress chart used within the shortcode Number/px [meal-tracker chart-height="150px"]
chart-hide Hide the chat and today's summary "false" (default) or "true" [meal-tracker chart-hide="true"]
chart-hide-legend Specifies whether the legend for the progress chart should be hidden "true" (default) or "false" [meal-tracker chart-hide-legend="true"]
chart-hide-title Specifies whether the title for the progress chart should be hidden "true" or "false" (default) [meal-tracker chart-hide-legend="title"]
chart-type Specifies whether the progress chart should be a "pie" or "doughnut" "pie" or "doughnut" (default) [meal-tracker chart-type="pie"]
url-login If the user is logged out then the tracker presents a login link. By default, it will direct the user to the standard WP login page. This argument allows you to specify another login page. Text [meal-tracker url-login=""]


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