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The following shortcode is only available in the Premium version of the plugin.

Render a table of the user's entries with the columns: date, calories allowed, calories used, calories remaining, percentage and an optional link to view the entry.

If a URL is specified to a page with the [meal-tracker] shortcode on, "View" links will appear that allow the user to view each entry.

A table can displayed in two modes:

Advanced mode

Advanced mode supports the following features:


Basic mode

As the name suggests, the basic mode renders a simple HTML table.


Shortcode Arguments

The shortcode supports the following arguments:

Argument Description Options Example
link-new-window If set to true (default), view entry buttons will open in a new window True (default) or false [mt-table-entries url-mealtracker="" link-new-window="false"]
url-mealtracker Specify a URL to a page that has the [meal-tracker] shortcode placed URL [mt-table-entries url-mealtracker=""]
sort-direction By default, the entries are displayed in reverse chronological order - old to new (desc). This can be reversed by changing this argument to "asc" "asc" or "desc" [mt-table-entries sort-direction="asc"]
text-no-entries The message to display if the user has no entries. text [mt-table-entries text-no-entries="There are no entries"]
type The type of table to display. "advanced" (default) or "basic" [mt-table-entries type="basic"]